About Us

Northmead Assembly of God Church is located at Plot 2131 Paseli Road, adjacent to the Northmead Shopping Centre. The Church was established in 1971, initially as a home cell-group, with a few expatriate people including a family known as the Phil Davis as its Founding Fathers.

The group moved to a borrowed Church building (the Apostolic Faith Church on Lubu Road) in Lusaka, where meetings were held on Sunday afternoons when the building was not in use. This arrangement proved satisfactory only for a short time.

Being that this pioneer work was started under the auspices of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (P.A.O.C) Mission, the then P.A.O.C field Director Rev. David Purdie personally set out to find a suitable building for an urban English speaking Church. God worked a miracle that resulted in the purchase of the present building by the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada Mission.

Since the Church was devoid of Zambians, Rev. Purdie would transport some Zambians from the surrounding areas as a way of evangelism. About that time, Rev. E. Johnson, a Canadian Missionary based in Kenya was brought in as Pastor of the Church for a little over 9 months. A Sunday School was established at the same time.

By the time Rev. Vern and Belva Tisdalle came to pastor the Church in August 1972, there were still just a few expatriate families and only 2 Zambians, namely Mrs. Tembo (currently the longest serving member) and Mr. Philip Mudenda.

The Church began to pray. God gave numerous words that this Church would be full and prosperous. In the next 4 years, the Church grew to a thriving congregation. Two buses had been obtained that assisted in transporting many University of Zambia student converts to and from Church.

In 1976-77, the Tisdalles returned to Canada on furlough. The Church was temporarily pastored by Rev. Winston Broomes for that year.

After the Tisdalles second 4 year missionary term, the Church was Pastored by Rev. & Mrs. Gary Skinner, followed by Rev. Elmer and Mrs. Sherry Komant who later passed on the mantle to the then Assistants Rev. Watson Mutemi and his wife Dorothy. The Mutemis were assisted for part of the time by Rev. Ernest Chelelwa. The Church is now pastored by Rev. Joshua Banda and his wife Gladys.

Under the leadership of Rev.& Mrs. Banda, who assumed the pastorate in 1995, Northmead Assembly has been enabled by the Lord to surmount tremendous spiritual hurdles, especially since 1999, and is now a growing congregation of over 2000 believers who are determined to Possess the Land for Jesus Christ.